Outdoor Adventure and Quality Pampering at Red Mountain Resort & Spa.

Enjoy the Great Utah Outdoors-

Red Mountain Resort & Spa near St. George, Utah is surrounded by mountains, canyons, and the setting for infinite outdoor and fun recreational activities. Nearby Zion National Park draws outdoor sports enthusiasts year round.

Framed by towering cliffs and red rock formations at the entrance to Snow Canyon State Park, Red Mountain offers an amazing selection of quality activities for fitness enthusiasts, in addition to all the pampering, luxury and relaxation you expect from a full-service resort and spa.

Enjoy indoor and outdoor pools and a long list of scheduled daily activities. In and around the resort are trails for walking, hiking, biking and climbing, as well as the premier Ledges Golf Club. If you have a love for outdoor activity and beautiful scenery, you are a perfect candidate for Red Mountain Resort & Spa.

There is so much from which to choose when you visit Red Mountain Resort & Spa and fortunately we've made it easy for you to choose where to begin and what to see. No matter what reason you visit us: spa, health and fitness, outdoors, golf, business or leisure, with or without family, you'll keep yourself busy in our beautiful Utah mountain destination.

Hiking Adventures - Right outside our back door, red and white Navajo sandstone capped by an overlay of black lava rock makes hiking, biking and photography in our local State and National parks an experience for the senses. The parks are an amazing display of desert animal life, unique botanicals and dynamic rock formations. Bordering Red Mountain, Snow Canyon State Park is home to 7,000 acres of red rock canyons and cliffs, lava caves and two volcanic cones. The moderate winter climate of Southern Utah creates an ideal environment to enjoy outdoor adventures year round.

Daily Guided Morning Hikes The heart of Red Mountain's outdoor activities is its daily morning hiking program. Nowhere else in the continental U.S. can you find the quantity or quality of trails for hiking available at Red Mountain Spa. Numerous hiking opportunities are offered on more than 30 trails, led by a staff of over 40 specialized guides who are enthusiastically committed to giving you the experience of a lifetime.

Adventure Trips  - Enhance your Red Mountain Resort & Spa vacation by joining us on an adventure trip to one or more of the most scenic and world renowned National Parks or Recreation Areas in America. Our day hikes/trips to the dramatic natural art in Zion National Park and Cedar Breaks National Monument are not to be missed. Our unique location allows us to provide a wide range of part-day and full-day trips to the most colorful geologic wonders of the world. Join us for an unforgettable adventure. A minimum number of participants are required for all trips. Otherwise, a Personal Guide for Hire can be arranged.

CANYONEERING - Canyoneering combines the acts of hiking, climbing, scrambling and rappelling through narrow canyons formed by erosion and the uplift of the Colorado Plateau. This is truly a unique experience that should not be missed while visiting Southern Utah and Red Mountain Resort & Spa.

CEDAR BREAKS NATIONAL MONUMENT - A huge natural amphitheater has been eroded out of the variegated Pink Cliffs (Claron Formation) near Cedar City, Utah. Explore the backside of Zion where millions of years of sedimentation, uplift and erosion have created a deep canyon of rock walls, fins, spires and columns that spans some three miles and is over 2,000 feet deep. The rim of the canyon is over 10,000 feet above sea level and is forested with islands of Englemann spruce, subalpine fur and aspen; separated by broad meadows of brilliant summertime wild flowers. The difficulty of hiking can be varied for different groups with an emphasis on interpretation of the resident flora, fauna and geological features.  Advance sign-up required.

HORSEBACK RIDING - Is there a little bit of cowboy in you? On your next outing to Red Mountain Resort & Spa, sign up for a horseback adventure that travels through one of the most beautiful settings in Southwestern Utah. Primarily designed for beginners and novice riders, Patty Arnett, a horsewoman with over 30-years experience, will guide you on this adventure through Snow Canyon State Park. Snow Canyon, a 7,000 acre state park, presents a unique mix of Mojave Desert, Great Basin Desert and Colorado Plateau habitat and vegetation. Enjoy the quiet of the canyon and breathtaking views of Navajo sandstone formations and lava flows created millions of years ago. Nowhere on earth will you see a greater diversity of world-class scenery than in this region. So dust off your cowboy boots and hat and bring them along on your next visit to Red Mountain Resort & Spa. (Note: Location can change to higher elevation Pine Valley Mountains during the summer months.)

NATIVE AMERICAN ROCK ART WALK - Learn to see with new eyes as you explore the rich history of the Great American Southwest in this interpretive hike. You will enjoy the identification, interpretation and explanations of observable physical remains and other phenomena left behind by our ancestors. Enjoy the beauty of the area and the lively discussion of past cultural history and life systems with enthusiastic guide and former BLM Archeologist Boma Johnson.

KAYAKING - Paddling a kayak provides an upper body workout second to none. Couple that with breathtaking scenery on one of our local lakes and you've found a perfect way to enjoy our astonishing location.

M.E.E.T the MUSTANGS - Join us for a unique, one-on-one experience "where heart meets horse." You will connect, spirit to spirit, with these amazing American Wild Horses, learn to speak their language and create a willing relationship. These horses, creatures of the natural world, will carry you beyond words and unbridle you to find peace, balance and harmony. A fun and transforming experience using American Wild Horses to transform fear into curiosity, resistance into cooperation, and tolerance into willingness. Most participants have little or no experience with horses, and learn to replace fear, stress, anxiety and emotional trauma with peace, strength and emotional balance.

RED CLIFFS CANYON - Join us for a relaxing hike in the canyons of Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. This 4-mile adventure will take you past archaeological sites of the Anasazi culture as you meander through the narrow canyons nestled below the eastern slop of the Pine Valley Mountains.

RED MOUNTAIN TRAVERSE - Standing tall and majestic behind the spa is our namesake, Red Mountain. This 6-8 hour day hike begins with a steep climb to the summit and continues by traversing the entire length of the mountain ending some 12 miles to the north amidst volcanic cinder cones. The hike is strenuous and technically challenging, with spectacular views. You'll need to carry plenty of water and your lunch.

RIM TO RIM - GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK - View the Grand Canyon like you have never viewed it before…from the bottom looking up! Bring your group of 6-8 guests to experience this 26-mile, two-day hike from the North Rim to overnight at Phantom Ranch, a cottonwood shaded oasis at the bottom of the canyon on the Colorado River. Get up the next day to hike out the South Rim. Since the turn of the 20th century, the Colorado River has beckoned many folks to leave their creature comforts behind and hike in for a visit. The temptation to get to the banks of this mighty desert river can be very strong, enticing many to embark on one of the most physically and mentally challenging endeavors of their lives.

Your group will welcome the comfort of the historic stone cabins and western style hospitality at Phantom Ranch. This is by far the best way to enjoy and experience the grandeur that is the Grand Canyon. This seven-night group package includes daily guided hiking at Red Mountain, your Grand Canyon adventure, transportation, nutritious and delicious meals and snacks and a Red Mountain souvenir, along with a complimentary spa treatment to reward you when you return. Participation in this experience requires a seven-night stay at Red Mountain Resort & Spa. This package has limited availability and your group must meet an established fitness criteria

ROCK CLIMBING - Rope up and get vertical on some of the best stone the West has to offer. The St. George area is famous for its variety of rock and styles of climbing, all within a short distance of Red Mountain. All the technical equipment and instruction you need will be provided by Zion Rock & Mountain Guides to make you feel comfortable even if it's your first time. Climbing provides a holistic challenge; both mind and body are fully engaged as you gain skill and confidence that transfers to all you do in life.

For those that are experienced and wanting to sample Southern Utah's unique climbing opportunities, we offer Guide for Hire. Experienced guides can even lead you on multi-pitch adventures.

SAND COVE SLICKROCK ADVENTURE - One of our most popular hikes offered. Our slickrock hikers will experience the incomparable natural beauty of Utah's Navajo sandstone and have the opportunity to observe the diversity of the contrasting geologic formations.

SLICKRODK VORTEX - Join Reiki Master and Spiritual Guide Bud Howard on a hike through the nearby slickrock recreation area to the Slickrock Vortex. This adventure offers a unique blend of high desert landscapes and subtle energy radiating naturally from the earth. Bud will guide your immersion in this healing vortex and share with you the nature of vortexes, the energy they radiate and their mind, body and spirit effects.

The Vortex rests at the end of a 2–3 mile hike of moderate difficulty. The unique geology of these rock formations, the visual effects of their continued erosion and the subtle nurturing energy radiating from them will provide you with a memorable experience.

THE GATEWAY - This trail begins next to a small stream and immediately enters into a slot canyon (Water Canyon) where hikers can observe a free-standing arch, sheer cliffs and possibly waterfalls during the spring snow melt. As the trail gains altitude through this water-step passageway toward the top of Canaan Mountain, the scenery changes dramatically to volcanic rock, white sandstone hoodoos and slickrock amongst a pine tree canopy. Upon reaching the top, where we stop to enjoy our lunches, the views of Zion National Park and the surrounding area are spectacular.

TUACHAN SADDLE - This "breath taking" 5.1-mile hike gains 1998 feet of elevation as it reaches 3738 feet above sea level, and includes a steep ascent and descent over the Tuachan Saddle into Snow Canyon State Park. You then continue along a section of the Trekker 2 Fern Gully hike before reaching a sandstone formation referred to as "Wall Street". Some guides say the sandstone surrounding you looks like a wall, while other say its steepness makes you feel as if you are climbing a wall. Aside from its physically challenging aspect, this hike offers some of the most dramatic views of Snow Canyon State Park, and includes deep sand, eroded pools and many sandstone playgrounds. The terrain includes long stretches of sand, rocky mountainous ascents and descents, over uneven ground.

VALLEY OF FIRE - You will experience spectacular displays of color and nature's finest art on this inspiring day trip. A short ninety-minute drive from Red Mountain, Valley of Fire is a geologic wonder of the desert. This Nevada State Park features numerous petroglyph sites and Navajo Sandstone of every color. Winter time temperatures are perfect for hiking through this desert wonderland. Join us for an amazing day of hiking and sightseeing on this Red Mountain Adventure.

ZION TRIPS - Located within an hour of Red Mountain Resort & Spa, Zion National Park is one of the scenic wonders of the natural world. Famous for its deep canyons, sandstone cliffs and scenic vistas, Zion National Park combines the beauty of lush forestland with the towering majesty of colorful mountain peaks. Hiking options include Angel's Landing and Emerald Pools. Join us for a variety of trips to this jewel of Southern Utah. Offered Mondays and Fridays year round. Day trip. Advance sign-up required.

Zion National Park - Located within an hour of the Spa, Zion National Park is one of the scenic wonders of the natural world. Famous for its deep canyons, sandstone cliffs and scenic vistas, Zion National Park combines the beauty of lush forestland with the towering majesty of colorful mountain peaks. Hiking options include Angel's Landing and Emerald Pools. Join us for a variety of trips to this jewel of Southern Utah.

Zion National Park - The Path Less Traveled - Join Red Mountain as we team up with Zion Canyon Field Institute to offer an exciting series of hikes in 2011. This all-day adventure from the East Mesa to Observation Point Trail will be led by an outstanding and knowledgeable ZCFI guide. Even if you have been to Zion before, you won't want to miss the chance to see it anew on this stunning adventure.

Zion National Park - Bike & Hike - Experience the splendor of one of America's premier national parks in a quiet and environmentally friendly way. Our starting point is the Zion Rock & Mountain Guide shop in Springdale, Zion's gateway city. After entering into the park we will stop at the visitor center for an orientation then bike up the Pa'rus trail before connecting onto the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. This unique adventure is offered only during the spring, summer and fall seasons when the Zion shuttle is running. Biking on the road is safe, enjoyable and, while moderately uphill, offers the rider a very memorable experience. We will make stops along the way to enjoy the historic buildings, to take a short hike or two and talk about the unique history of this beautiful park. This ride is one the biking enthusiast will simply not want to miss.

Zion National Park - Narrows Hike - The Narrows is a great summer adventure that will keep you cool during your visit to Zion National Park. This hike follows along the Virgin River, with lengthy sections of wading through the river or hiking along exposed sandbars. As you hike further upstream, the 1,000 foot canyon walls with their fluted forms and zebra-striped mineral deposits created during millenniums of erosion by the Virgin River slowly close in around you.

BIKING AT RED MOUNTIAN - All Red Mountain bike rides are across uneven and hilly terrain. None of these rides are competitive and the guides will conduct the adventure to the suit the guests comfort level. However, to enjoy these rides guests must be physically fit and confident on a bicycle.

SANTA CLARA RIVER VALLEY ROAD RIDE - Enjoy a scenic 15.5-mile road ride that meanders through the scenic Santa Clara River valley. This ride starts at the small town of Veyo and quickly descends into the valley to the town of Gunlock, past Gunlock Reservoir and along a winding road lined with Cottonwood trees and red Navajo sandstone formations. The Veyo bike ride is moderately aerobic on level terrain with occasional climbs and exciting down-hills. Red Mountain Spa guides will accompany you by bike and with an accompanying assist vehicle.

J.E.M TRAIL RIDE - Regarded as a guide favorite, the J.E.M. Trail is over 12 miles of rolling wide open desert cruising. Located just west of the town of Virgin near Zion National Park, this scenic ride has it all. It begins with a long moderate climb with some short technical sections requiring skill. Next enjoy the downhill ride through the picturesque desert landscape including a canyon hugging stretch along the Virgin River.  Previous single track experience is highly recommended.

The purpose of this course is to teach and inform you about the gear and techniques that help make biking an enjoyable activity, so you can incorporate mountain biking into your life once you return home.

Before getting out on the trail we'll discuss the appropriate safety equipment and accessories that can make your biking experiences not only safe but enjoyable.

See the sights the way you want to with your own personal guide. The Adventure Concierge in Outdoor Recreation can assist you in scheduling your outdoor experience.

ADVENTURE MOUTAIN BIKING - Hit the trail! Let Zion Rock & Mountain Guides be your experts on this adventure. They will provide you with a quality bike and all of the instruction you need in order to make your biking experience truly memorable. This adventure is scheduled year round as the moderate temperatures make winter riding ideal. The primary location is the Bear Claw Poppy Trail complex, an off-road, single-track mountain biking area suited to intermediate level enthusiasts. This ride is a mix of both technical and aerobic challenges. Other more challenging rides are also available. Full-suspension bikes with XT components are used. Bring your own shoes and pedals if you wish.

BEGINNING SINGLE TRACK - This three hour course is "geared" to introduce you to the fun and healthy world of off-road mountain biking. Anyone who can ride a bike has enough experience to take this course.  The purpose of this course is to teach and inform you about the gear and techniques that help make biking an enjoyable activity, so you can incorporate mountain biking into your life once you return home. Before getting out on the trail we'll discuss the appropriate safety equipment and accessories that can make your biking experiences not only safe but enjoyable.

CREATE YOUR OWN OUTDOOR ADVENTURE - Red Mountain Spa offers a variety of customized outdoor trips led by our experienced and knowledgeable guides. Whether improving your skills in biking, visiting a special place for rejuvenation, or exploring one of several local National Parks, Red Mountain can provide you with a world class experience.

See the sights the way you want to with your own personal guide. The Adventure Concierge in Outdoor Recreation can assist you in scheduling your outdoor experience.

Our most popular customized experience, a Personal Guide allows you to create your own personal adventure, whenever and wherever you want to go! Our guides can provide a personalized hike, climb, bike ride, trail run or archaeological adventure. Advance your skills through personalized instruction provided by our professional instructors. The options are as varied as your imagination!


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