The High Lonesome Ranch sits on nearly 300 square miles of lands on the Western Slope of the Colorado Rockies

The High Lonesome Ranch packages are oriented towards year-round outdoors activities. Choose from pre-made packages or build your own.

Menu of Activities:
   Equestrian Programs
        ~ Riding Lessons          ~ Roping… Barrel Racing 
        ~ Cattle Driving            ~ Equestrian Geocaching  
        ~ Trails                       ~ Wild Horse Viewing  

   Mountain Biking               Hiking  
   Dude Ranch                     Birding  
   Wildlife Viewing                Science Activities  
   Ecotourism                      White Water Rafting  
   Winery Tours                   Golfing  
   Hot Springs                     Winter Sports  
   Kids Activities                  Yoga  
   Cooking Class                 Fishing  
   Wing Shooting                 Cast and Blast  
   Shooting Sports               Sporting Clays  
   Pheasant Walk                Flurry Shoot  
   Rifle Range                     3-D Archery  
   Big Game Hunting            Elk and Mule Deer  
   Wild Turkey                     Bear  
   Kennels & Dog Training  

Equestrian Programs

Variety is the spice of life and at The High Lonesome Ranch that sentiment carries over into our equestrian program. On the ranch you’ll find a tremendous number of options that will satisfy a child, a first time adult rider, or an incredibly skilled horseman.

They take particular care to match the guests’ riding ability with the perfect selection from the string of paints and Quarter horses. They then work through a thorough orientation in the form of an easy trail ride to make sure that the choices are still good ones. Guests ride and take care of their horses for the entire week with assistance from our skilled wranglers. The riding instructors are seasoned veterans and are patient instructors. If you’ve never ridden before then come along, we welcome the opportunity to show you the ropes – pun intended!

At the end of each day join us for The High Lonesome Ranch Cowboy Mingle. You’ll find a variety of social events in the common areas every evening before dinner. From casual rounds of horseshoes, to roping and round pen events you’ll be hootin’ and hollerin’ like a cowboy. Bluegrass bands and western dance lessons are a perfect end to the terrific day.

Riding Lessons

If you've always wanted to learn how to ride a horse you have come to the right place. If you’re already comfortable in the saddle, you’ll have a great time, too. First of all, our instructors hand pick a horse to match with your temperament and skill level. Most of the strings are of quarter horse stock, and they are kind, gentle, and responsive. The lessons are custom tailored to every rider's ability. We will teach you how to groom and tack your horse, and how to command him to walk, trot, and hand gallop if you’re ready for that. All of the riding is Western, but the instructors are thoroughly knowledgeable in English, Dressage, and Hunter/Jumper categories, so they are able to speak knowledgeably to a wide variety of riders who come from different disciplines. All of the guests are ensured an excellent experience.

Roping, Team Penning, Reining, Western Obstacle Course, and Introduction to Barrel Racing

All these and more will be among your choices during the week. It is said that families that team pen together, stay together. You'll learn other useful things like how to open a gate without getting off your horse. You can get an introduction to barrel racing if you aren't a pro already. If so, you can challenge our competitive barrel-racing head wrangler and Equestrian Director. She comes from a long line of barrel-racing women. Roping is probably one of those things that you’ve always had on your list. And reining properly is key to being capable of managing all of these skills.

Cattle Driving and Round Up

If you can sit on a horse you can punch cattle. The talented and experienced wranglers will gladly lead the way. From rounding up individual cows and calves that wander from the herd to roping and branding yearlings, they can use your help. Every cattle drive takes riders through a variety of the most beautiful parts of the ranch. From lush, riparian corridors through sage flats and Aspen stands you will become a part of our Western heritage. Come for a visit in early spring and you can learn to throw a lasso, rope a calf, and slap a brand on it – The High Lonesome Ranch HL quarter circle brand.

Equestrian Geocaching

Finding hidden treasures is always a pleasant surprise, but how about using a horse and a GPS to try the hottest new sport in the Rockies? See if you can beat your family and friends to the various check points and claim your prize. Equestrian geocaching is a fun exercise for riders of all ages, so come on out and work your way through our valleys and throughout our mesas. The views are nothing short of stunning.


They've got more trails for you to ride than you could cover in a lifetime. Unless you’re a real cowboy, of course. Whether you ford streams or ride through the cottonwoods you will become part of The High Lonesome legacy. Explore a combination of the miles of trails that are cut throughout the 300 square miles of working ranch. Each trail was hand charted and cut with the wide variety of skill sets of our guests in mind. Some trails follow creek bottoms while others venture throughout the alpine mesas and valleys. Our miles of trails range from an hour to a day and you won't even need to cross a public road.

Wild Horse Viewing

If you like, they can arrange a short drive to see the wild horses that are descendants of Native American and Spanish horses from years ago.

Mountain Biking

Mountain bikers have been flocking to this area extending from the Western Slope of Colorado to Utah for years. What brings them here is the dryness of the air, the variety of terrain, the change in elevation, and the vast, unspoiled beauty. Mountain biking at The High Lonesome Ranch is where all of the beautiful worlds come together. Begin your trek with an easy warm up on relatively flat elevation, and choose a trail to suit your mood. You'll find easy through single-track trails cut throughout the ranch, and they'll take you past ponds, creeks and fields. The views are unparalleled, and are eclipsed only by the wide variety of wildlife that you'll see along the way. Ride accompanied by one of our naturalist guides or explore on your own. All of the rides and hikes are accompanied by guides for those who like to venture out very far from headquarters


The Kimball Creek and N. Dry Fork valleys offer a series of cascading trails that wind through the lowland valleys up towards the alpine mesas and in and out of the century-old cattle trails. The ranch covers all the altitudes from 5,000 – 9,000 feet. At lower elevations, hikers enjoy lush views of the fertile riparian corridor. At higher elevations, they can hike through the aspen and conifer stands to enjoy seemingly endless views into Utah. From easy hikes with plenty of wildlife along the way to vigorous, calorie-burning sojourns, you'll find it all at The High Lonesome Ranch

Dude Ranch

The week-long Dude Ranch trips start on Sundays with a High Lonesome Ranch welcome and orientation and end on Saturdays, often with families' being fully bonded to one another, their wranglers and especially to their horses. Horses are an integral part of ranch life, and at The High Lonesome Ranch we’ve got an assortment of equestrian activities for all levels of riders.

There is always something interesting to do at The High Lonesome Ranch. Even disgruntled teenagers turn their frowns upside down when they step foot on the ranch. The open space, equestrian activities and delicious food make for a powerful combination, one that everyone remembers for a long time to come.


One of the most popular activities on the ranch is birding. With a variety of habitats and elevations ranging from 5,000 to 9,000 feet, the ranch provides great viewing opportunities. Essentially an ecotone, this transition zone is where two distinctly different habitats come together and birds from both zones can flourish. There are more than 100 species of birds to see on The High Lonesome Ranch, and they'll provide you with the binoculars and the field guides necessary to identify them. Guided field trips are available, so come see raptors, songbirds, game birds, waterfowl, and wading birds to name just a few. The ranch's dramatic change in elevation creates great diversity that brings even the most seasoned wildlife enthusiasts back for more. Combine birding with another activity like horseback riding, hiking or mountain biking, and you'll be sure to cover ground while locating birds on your list.

Wildlife Viewing

The staggering size of The High Lonesome Ranch makes for an enjoyable wildlife safari. Enjoy a back-country tour led by our veteran guides throughout the wilderness reaches on the ranch. You'll find black bears, elk, mule deer, eagles, mountain lions, and even moose, antelope or the occasional Big Horn Sheep. Some of the best viewing is enjoyed from horseback or mountain bike, but if you prefer, our fleet of 4x4s will take you to parts of the ranch that very few people see per year, so pack your camera, an assortment of lenses, and come along.

Science Activities

Conservation and restoration projects are a joint effort of three sectors: public, private and scientific. Every year there are new projects that are added to our ever-growing list. From ecological assessments of flora and fauna to wildlife restoration efforts to measuring relationships between predators and their prey, the odds are likely that you'll hear about the teams of scientists roaming remote areas of the ranch. Some say that there are even dinosaur remains here. We bring together a wide community of scientists, corporate and non-profit partners, educators, students, and everyday citizens to find creative ways to contribute to the research efforts.


The ranch offers guests a variety of fun and educational ecotourism activities designed for a wide range of skill levels, from novice naturalists to expert birders. These activities enable our guests to learn more about the fascinating ecology of this quintessential Western landscape. Guests have the opportunity to join the exciting scientific research and ecological restoration efforts on the ranch. You might choose to sit at dawn helping count songbirds to measure biodiversity, observe elk behavior at dusk, hike among the sagebrush on the high ranch surveying aspen communities, track wildlife with expert wildlife trackers, or help search for elusive threatened Gunnison sage-grouse. These and many other conservation activities on the ranch bring science to life for persons of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. You don't need any special skills to participate, just willingness to learn and curiosity. Learn about sustainable resource management, riparian ecology, habitat connectivity, measuring and maintaining biodiversity, and what it means to do science on a mixed-use landscape. By participating in some of the vital science that's taking place on the ranch, you will make a difference in conserving America's rich western legacy of open spaces and healthy landscapes.

White Water Rafting

Seasonal white water rafting opportunities await the beginner through the experienced paddler. The rivers that flow through the Western Slope offer 18-30 mile treks through Class 1 through Class 5 water. After running the rapids you'll leisurely float through the slow water surrounded by gorgeous canyon walls.

Winery Tours

Over the last decade, Colorado has gained a reputation as a producer of high-quality wines, but residents yawn at the recent notoriety. Winemaking in the Grand Junction area is over a century old, with 586,300 pounds of grapes being harvested in 1899. Some 1,744 gallons of wine was produced that year. We're sure that the number is significantly higher these days, for the 19 local vineyards located in close proximity to The High Lonesome Ranch make for either a perfect tour or for an addition to another offsite activity.

Mid-September is a perfect time to take in the Colorado Mountain Winefest. The event is the oldest wine festival to celebrate the state's finest vineyards. From chef demonstrations to tastings, a grape stomp and a jazz concert, schedule your visit for when the leaves are ready to turn. The fall harvest throughout the Western Slope is not to be missed.


Mark Twain said, "Golf is a good walk spoiled." Evidently he never played at Battlement Mesa Golf Club. The view from the high plains plateau overlooking the Colorado River may make you take your eye off the ball. Then you might want to visit Redlands Mesa. The mild climate allows for year round golfing. Think about it. In how many places can you either ski or hunt in the morning and golf in the afternoon? Not many.

Hot Springs

The Western Slope of Colorado has been famous for its rejuvenating hot springs for over a century. It is true that guests occasionally stumble upon them while fishing a river, but the best way to enjoy them is at the hot springs pool in Glenwood Springs. At over two blocks long, the pool is the largest in the world. Native American Utes regarded the warm mineral water as a sacred healing place. Other guests who have enjoyed the 100-degree water at various points throughout the past century are Al Capone, Titanic-survivor Molly Brown, Doc Holliday, and none other than President Theodore Roosevelt.

The hot springs pool in Glenwood Springs was officially founded in 1888 and is located along the banks of the Colorado River. Panoramic views are common from poolside steamer chairs, and the view of the Rocky Mountains is unparalleled. An abundance of activities and games for kids are available, and they range from water slides and inner tubes to diving boards and bubble chairs.

Of particular note are the vapor caves. These inhalatoriums are said to purify body and spirit as they soothe away aches and pains. These are some of the few known natural vapor caves in North America where hot mineral waters flow through the cave floors to create a natural geothermal steam bath. These caves were once a sacred healing destination for the Ute tribe, and have been updated only by the addition of marble benches in the caves, which makes for a more relaxing experience for visitors.

Winter Sports

Colorado's Western Slope provides an unbelievable variety of activities. At lower altitudes the snowfall is light, which makes for outstanding winter bird hunting. Our wing shooting season runs through the end of February, so come visit us and shoot a round of clays and hunt our five species of game birds.

Powderhorn's secluded mountain setting rises 4,000 feet above the valley on the edge of the Grand Mesa some 45 minutes from The High Lonesome Ranch. You'll find outstanding downhill skiing as well as snowboarding at the nearby summit that reaches 9,850 feet. Celebrate the New Year with Powderhorn's annual Torchlight Parade & Fireworks show. Ski all day, watch the area's best skiers compete in the Rail Jam, and head back to the ranch to usher in the New Year. Combine your ski trip with a few days of bird hunting for our popular Black Powder/White Powder package. The possibilities are all here – including snowmobiling on the Grand Mesa, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and visiting Aspen for the day.

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed, so you should pamper yourself in one of our private cabins. You'll enjoy unparalleled views from the warmth of your living room couch. After a morning coffee, have your choice of snowshoeing or perhaps a cooking class with our executive chef. Enjoy a morning hike followed by an afternoon massage.

Kids Activities

From circle games to puppet shows or origami and a variety of arts and crafts, our counselors will keep all kids supervised and entertained if their parents want to embark on adult activities. Teachers blend indoor and outdoor age-appropriate activities. We make sure that the children have so much fun on the ranch that they never miss their parents.


Nothing much beats a yoga class with Mount Logan as your background. Our certified instructors follow the Vinyassa Flow style, which is also known as power yoga. Our one-hour classes are tailored for beginners, intermediates and experienced levels. Yoga improves vitality, agility, and creativity, and all the while it builds strength and increases flexibility. At the peak of every class members reach Savasana, also known as the quieting of the physical body. Stunning sceneries, blue skies, fresh air and an hour yoga class is the perfect way to start your day.

Cooking Class

Southwestern cuisine is a rustic fusion of ingredients that blends cooking styles of the regions earliest settlers. In our open-kitchen classroom you'll learn to mix beef, chicken, pork or fish with a variety of spices and vegetables, which range from the famous chili pepper to corn to a wide range of beans. As all of our meals are prepared from scratch, you'll also learn foundational techniques that you can practice when you're back at home.

During the day, our cooking class is oriented around preparing for an evening feast. Knead dough for freshly baked bread or make piecrusts from scratch, and other accompanying appetizers and side dishes. Toast a splendid day afield and bring the recipes home to prepare in your own kitchen.

Or you can cook a meal that you caught. The pond next to the Pond House has trout that you can catch, and then cook for dinner. Our experienced chefs teach everything from proper preparation to elegant presentation.


Orvis, the Vermont fly-fishing manufacturer's endorsement is a testimony to the outstanding on-ranch opportunities for brook, brown, rainbow, cutthroat, and cuttbow trout. All instructors are Orvis Endorsed, and all equipment used is manufactured by the Orvis Company. Visit the Lonesome Outfitter – featuring our Orvis Pro Shop – before your trip to procure any final information and gear that you'll need for your trip.

Unique Fishery

At The High Lonesome Ranch anglers experience an entirely unique and natural fishery.  High mountain snowmelt and springs form our valley's North Dry Fork spring creek that flows for 16 miles from our uppermost reservoir at 7200 feet down past the ranch headquarters and then beyond to our lowest fishery at 4300 feet. As the cold, pure water gradually cascades down through our valley, you'll find the exciting byproduct created in part by our resident beaver population. For decades they've sharpened their teeth on the aspen, cottonwoods, and oaks that line the creek's perimeter. Over time the downed trees have helped form a series of 18 spring-creek pools, each of which is full of heavy and healthy trout. The pristine water gives our guests goosebumps when they sight cast to cruising 20+ inch brookies, browns, rainbows, cutthroats and cuttbows.

The pools vary in size. Some are small and intimate which allow for sight fishing to cruising trout. In other instances you'll work medium-sized pools, which vary in depth. For the larger waters you'll find all the gear you need on the bank. From small rowboats and float tubes to PFD's and anchors all you need to do is to be ready to cast. And if you're a little rusty, one of our Orvis-Endorsed guides will help sharpen your skills.

Streams and Rivers

The Western Slope is drained by the Colorado River. And from every great drainage source come even better tributaries. Out here you'll find outstanding fishing in the big rivers like the Colorado or the smaller rivers like the Roaring Fork, Crystal, White, and Frying Pan Rivers.

Timing is everything. And there are a number of good choices here. Prime time fishing is in July and August – perfect timing for family vacations. There is also excellent spring pre-runoff fishing for trout that have wintered over and are ready to feed. The fall is an excellent time, too, where the rivers are quiet. Working a dry fly or a streamer against the bank draws hits from some of the biggest fish of the season.

Whether you prefer to walk-and-wade or fish from a drift boat, The High Lonesome Ranch can schedule and accommodate your needs.

Float Trips

Float trips are great options, with the majority occurring on the Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers. The two common boats used are either the classic McKenzie style drift boat, or a self-bailer, which is a raft with a frame. One or two anglers are accompanied by one of our guides. All of the float guides are seasoned veterans of the rivers and have fished in a variety of situations. They will navigate anglers through a series of slow and fast water, with a fishing day beginning at 9:00 AM, a lunchtime break in a cottonwood grove, and an afternoon float that concludes around 4:00 PM. Plan your trips ahead of time, particularly during July and August, because guides are hard to come by during those times.

Fly-fishing and Conventional

As there are a lot of different fish to catch there are also a number of fishing styles from which to choose. Whether you prefer to fly-fish for trout or spin or bait cast for largemouth bass, we've got an opportunity for you. The High Lonesome Ranch is an Orvis Endorsed Fly-Fishing Lodge, and all instructors are certified Orvis fly casting instructors and guides. Every guide is an accomplished warm water angler and capable of teaching children to cast level-wind or spin reels. It's never too late to catch a trophy trout or to introduce your children to fishing. At the ranch, we've got the resources to do it all.

Wing Shooting

The wing shooting program at The High Lonesome Ranch is also Orvis Endorsed. Hunt five species of birds in the tens of thousands of acres of pristine upland coverts. Anticipate rising birds that range from the wily pheasant to the covey-oriented chukar and Hungarian partridge. Two species of quail inhabit the property as well – Scaled and Gambel’s – and enthusiasts have an opportunity to hunt our wide variety of hard-flying game birds every day.

Hunt wheat and rye fields, creek bottoms, and sage and oak-brush flats for wild and early-release pheasant, chukar and Hungarian partridge, and Scaled and Gambel’s quail. All guides are NSCA Level 1 certified shooting instructors. Pre-hunt warm ups are at the Five Stand, at either of the Pheasant and Quail Walk-Up shooting courses, or the new Flurry Course which throws between 20-60 clays per minute from the cliff soaring above the shooting line. Try our popular Fall Cast and Blast, Spring Turkey Trout, White Powder/Black Powder, or Summer Fish and Chips or Fish and Chip (shooting and golf). Shotgun rentals are available, and shells and orange gear are available at the Lonesome Outfitter Shop.

Cast and Blast

Combine fly-fishing with wing shooting in one day to ensure that you’re challenged all day long.

Shooting Sports

At The High Lonesome Ranch, we offer a variety of shooting sports that will accommodate everyone from beginner to expert, from shotgunners to riflemen.

Shotgunners have a variety of clay bird games to hone their skills and sharpen their focus. Rental guns are available through the Lonesome Outfitter, and certified instruction is available for men or women, and for beginner and experienced shooters alike. All shooters get a safety presentation before going afield and all hunters shoot targets to sight in their weapons.

Sporting Clays

The 5-stand course at High Lonesome is possibly the prettiest one you will find anywhere. There are high incomers that are launched from the top of the ridge to crossing pairs that explode from the sage brush cover. It’s a great combination of technical and hunting shots, and odds are that when you’ve finished the round you’ll want to shoot it again. Target presentation at the 5-stand course is frequently changed to also offer a series of instructional stations for new and beginning shooters. Every instructor at the ranch is NSCA Level 1 certified.

Pheasant Walk

The Pheasant Walk takes shooters into a hunting-scenario and shooters walk a lane as clays are launched in flight patterns similar to what shooters will see during their hunt. Here, shooters follow the natural terrain as they would a walk up hunt, and clays are spontaneously presented. The report double that breaks to the right might make you want to get the dogs and get out in the field.

Flurry Shoot

This series of high, incoming shots are launched from a hill-top house with 3 clay machines. Reminiscent of an English driven shoot, between 20-60 clays per minute are thrown from the top of a ridge. Gunners are positioned down a line of shooting butts/pegs at the bottom. The high-incoming targets fly at a variety of heights, with some being closer to the butts/pegs than others. The Flurry is fast, furious and fun! By the time you’re done with the Flurry you’ll be as sharp as you’re going to get –– at least for this day.

Rifle Range

Head to the rifle range to sight in your weapon before a big game hunt. Set a series of paper targets for sighting in your rifle or pistol, and when everything is in alignment shoot a few of our distant iron silhouettes. Kids who have always wanted to shoot can, and we will review range and firearm safety before embarking on a fun time of shooting a .22 rifle.

3-D Archery

Perhaps archery is of more interest. If so, come out to our archery course. It’s a similar concept to sporting clays in that the course makes good use of the natural terrain, only you will draw and shoot at a variety of big game targets. The 3-D archery course is a terrific pre-hunt warm up or as an additional daily activity.

Big Game Hunting

For a limited number of sportsmen, big game hunting is the reason they come to the High Lonesome Ranch. The ranch is known for its trophy free-range elk and mule deer herds. You may find elk in the 320+ B&C class and mule deer in the 200 B&C class on the property, and a choice of seasons to suit your fancy. Whether you prefer high elevation, early season archery, or mid through late season rifle, The High Lonesome Ranch has plenty of big game opportunities for you. Bear hunting coincides with a few of the earlier elk and deer seasons, and combination hunts are available.

Colorado offers both a spring and a fall turkey season, but only spring gobbler is hunted at The High Lonesome Ranch. April is a perfect month to be at the ranch, and combining a morning turkey hunt with an afternoon fly-fishing trip is a popular combination for our guests. For those who don’t like to fish, why not substitute a round of golf?

Every hunt begins with a warm up. Enjoy a round of 5-Stand, Flurry, or the Pheasant Walk before your bird hunt. Our Big Game rifle and Black Powder hunters are assisted by our range master to have their weapons sighted in to confirm shooting condition and accuracy. Bow hunters can tune up on our expansive 3-D archery course. Beginner classes are available for new shooters and seasoned veterans enjoy a few tips from our expert instructors. Shotgun rentals and field and target shells are available in the Lonesome Outfitter Shop or at our clays course.

Elk and Mule Deer

At The High Lonesome Ranch you’ll find a perfect combination of elk habitats. From aspens to oakbrush and mountain shrubs to dark green timber, we’ve got it all on one ranch. You’ll find them at the higher elevations, which you’ll hunt early in the season. As the weather turns cold and the snow flies, the herds move to lower elevations on our ranch. In October and November you’ll find them in the pinyon-juniper and sagebrush flats at lower elevations. With over 300 square miles of permitted and deeded acres you’ll find elk during the summer and fall transition periods and leading into the winter.

Mule deer like edges, and our significant habitat work has included a combination of open space adjoining the big timber and canyon areas. Deer browse on woody vegetation, so when they’re on the ranch they typically occupy completely different habitats than our elk.

In addition to increasing our habitat work, The High Lonesome Ranch has continued to reduce the number of hunters allowed each year. Only mature animals are harvested, and a tremendous amount of work with state wildlife agencies has been conducted. We have focused on improving forage quantity and quality as well as increased mowing and aerating so as to improve overall herd health. Our goal is to allow our animals to reach their maximum genetic potential so our hunters consistently see deer in the 200 B&C class and elk in the 350 B&C class.

Choose from several different styles of hunts, each one specifically catering to a different type of sportsman. Each year, a limited number of hunters is allowed to pursue trophy elk and mule deer. Cow elk and management buck hunts are popular, too, and are an affordable way to participate in big game season at The High Lonesome Ranch. Colorado’s Western Slope is home to one of the largest free-range elk and mule deer herds in the country.

Of special interest is the High Ranch Camp. The High Ranch is a perfect opportunity for archery and muzzleloader hunters to hunt September's bugle and rut as well as the early rifle season. Four tags, four hunters, with access to some of the best spots on the ranch. The herd is as good as it gets. We have other camps spread throughout our 300 square miles, so give us a call and let's get you booked. Or ask us about our new combination elk/deer hunts.

Wild Turkey

Our conservation efforts and land improvements have been significant, and our Merriam’s turkey population has grown tremendously as a result of these efforts. Colorado offers both spring and fall turkey seasons, but The High Lonesome Ranch only offers a spring season. Hunt during the morning, trout fish in the afternoon, or come to the ranch to close out your slam. Calling a long beard into range is one of the most exciting sporting activities, and our mild winters ensure healthy bird populations.


Somewhere around mid-August, Colorado black bears realize that it’s about to get cold. During that time they start to feed, and they feed for up to 20 hours per day. Any area that has good berry and acorn production is an area worth hunting, and at The High Lonesome Ranch we’ve got the perfect dense stands. Fall bear season overlaps with archery and rifle deer and elk season, so if you tag out early on an elk or deer hunt, why not shift gears and pursue a bruin?

Kennels and Dog Training


The HLR Kennel is unique to the dog-training business. The state-of-the art facility is located on its own large tract of land and was custom designed and built in 2010.

Brett and Rob Arnold of High Country Sporting Dogs manage and operate The High Lonesome Ranch Kennel. When you step outside of their office and see the framed editorial and numerous ribbons you’ll instantly know that they are experts in their field. The Arnolds represent Sport Dog and Purina, and have trained all species of sporting dogs.

Dogs are their business, and the kennel has been built to accommodate every dog trainer’s wishes and needs. From stainless steel bathing tanks for the dogs to a waiting room for their owners, no stone has been left unturned.

Dog Training

The best parts of dog training at the High Lonesome Ranch are the land area and the number of birds. All dogs get plenty of bird contact and time in the field to bring out their best hunting characteristics long before the shooting season even begins. For versatile hunting dogs, our ponds are perfect for working a pup through a variety of retrieving exercises, from whistle training to hand casts, retrieves and blind retrieves.

Whether you’re working on basics, steadying them to wing and shot, or creating a finished dog ready for the Field Trial or Gun Dog circuit, the High Lonesome Kennels have among the nation’s most talented dog handlers and breeders who are ready to help you meet your goals.


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